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We will need to carry out a short telephone or email consultation with you before we can book you in. This is to check that you are suitable to be tested. The minimum information we require is:


  • Reason for wanting a test/current symptoms - the more info the better

  • How long have you suffered from the symptoms?

  • Are you on any prescribed medication?

  • Have you ever suffered any severe allergic reactions to anything?


Bio-Energy Clinic

The standard tests are:


  • Food intolerance – includes wheat, eggs, dairy

  • Vitamin & mineral deficiency – includes all the major vitamins plus iron, calcium, zinc

  • Environmental – includes dust, pollen, pet hair

  • E numbers – includes monosodium glutamate, aspartame, sunset yellow E110

If you live in a Merseyside CH postcode then we are usually able to offer a home visit at no extra charge. You will need a table and 2 chairs to place the equipment – preferably something like a kitchen table. Also needed is an electrical socket. Outside this postcode area travel costs apply.

Results are instant and will be compiled for you to take away at the end of the test.

How do I book a test?

What tests do you offer?

Can I book a home visit?

How Long Does It Take For The Results?

Frequently Asked Questions - check back for updates

Unfortunately only cash or cheque payment is accepted.

Can I pay by credit card?

No, the testing is non-intrusive and completely pain free.

Does It Hurt?

Yes, minimum age for testing children is 10. Please note that the child must be able to stay still for approximately 30 minutes.

Can Children Be Tested?

The testing method is within the field of Bio-Energetic Regulatory Medicine (BER Medicine). The equipment used is the German made MORA RM10S (Below)

How Do We Test?

Can I book a home visit?

The patient holds an electrode whilst the practitioner electronically measures the sensitivity to certain products (whether it be food, E numbers, or pollens) by touching the tip of the finger (or toe) with a measuring tip. Ampoules of the substance are placed in a "Honeycomb" one at a time to indicate the level of intolerance.

It is unlikely, however if there has been no improvement please contact us and we can discuss other options.

Will I Have To Give Up Certain Foods Forever?

Will I Need More Than 1 Test?

This Is A Totaly Non-Invasive Technique

No, we will compile your own personal elimination programme with a view to re-introducing the problem foods back into your diet after a minimum of 3 months.

Will It Affect Any Medications I Am Taking?

This is a complementary diagnostic therapy that combines well with traditional medicine.

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